Do I need to be athletic? No, most of the activities on our singles vacations don't require any athletic ability however we do require people to be physically fit and self sufficient

Do I just sign up as a single? Yes, we will find a roommate for you based on your age and other criteria from your trip form. We room same sex together.

What if I want my own room?  Single travel supplements are always available. Each trip has it's own cost so just ask.

Can I supply my own air on your singles trips? Yes, we will deduct our cost from the price of the trip when you supply your own air. You will need to hire a taxi to transport you from the airport if your flight does not coincide with our schedule.

What about food? Breakfast is typically included on our trips. Most evenings we'll be going out to dinner.

What's the cancellation policy? 
120 days before departure or greater - $50 cancellation fee. 
120-90 days - $150 (as long as you have not been ticketed for air)
Within 90 days of departure all fees become non-refundable unless a substitution can be made in which case there will be a $150 cancellation fee plus any fees.

Can I request a seat assignment?
Yes, we can pass that on for you however keep in mind that many airlines will not accept seating requests on a group booking contract so you may need to handle it at check-in.

Can I extend or deviate my trip? 
 Yes, we're happy to send your request in. We will let you know what, if any cost there is for your deviation.

How will I get my ticket? We will be emailing out your e-ticket number.

Is there any more I need to know? When we get within 3 weeks of the trip, we will send out a complete trip letter on our singles trips. The letter shows who your roommates are, who's coming along with phones numbers and from which city. This will help with carpooling to the airport if you'd like to share a ride.


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